Redmond Green House


Fall Garden Calendar 2012

Falling Autumn Leaves Calander 2012
Garden beds which had unusually high numbers of insects including root maggots could be treated with our Hi-Yield permethrin based “Garden Dust” or organic Diatomaceous Earth after all harvesting has been completed. Apply according to directions. This application will have all winter to work into the soil thus killing many of the larva and eggs so your garden will have fewer problems in 2010. Although nothing has been proven I might also like to advocate the application of organic “Neem Seed Meal” as a possible treatment for pesky bugs as well. Many of our customers are reporting great results with this unique product. Primarily used as an organic supplemental nutrition a cross use has emerged due to its know properties as a known fungicide/insecticide.
Dormant oil sprays as well as lime sulfur solutions should be applied to fruit trees, berries, and roses just as the leaves are beginning to fall. Then another application should be applied sometime the end of January first part of February when the winter weather gives us a break of warm temperatures above freezing. Mark these times in your computer calendar to remember. It is also time to apply Copper Spray to lilacs as well as other disease prone plants. Make sure to include a surfactant to assure better results. We are introducing a “New” organic product called Actinovate as a possible alternative to commonly used synthetic products. This particular introduction not only controls via surface contact but as a systemic (soaking into the roots) as well…… We are excited about this product!
Any winterizing mulch should NOT be done until there is frost in the ground. This ensures that the plant has gone completely dormant and will not seal in any warm autumn soil conditions. Our recommendation for mulch is Shredded Hemlock or our “manure free” organic compost which insulates roots and adds valuable humidity during the sometimes dry arid winters. Straw will also give good insulating values but is a tad messy. All of these products will allow the plant to breath and not suffocate the soil. A good mulching is probably the best insurance you can give your plants that are less than three years old!
Some of the plants to mulch include Roses, new plantings you made this year, rhodys & azaleas, Japanese Maples, and other more tender perennials you may have recently planted.
Mulching with our organic Garden Compost (Weed & Manure Free) around Berries, asparagus, and Rhubarb is also a very worthwhile step. We believe it to be the BEST Compost in the Pacific Northwest !!! We sell it in bulk (save money) or convenient value packed bales.
Fertilizing this time of the year is a GREAT idea. We recommend our “Cold Climate” for all your landscape/garden beds and our organic pelleted “Cascade Natural”, “Natures Intent”, or Bio-Turf for your lawns. Chemical fertilizers tend to increase the incidence of Turf Problems (Snowmold/Thatch/Fairy Ring, Etc.). I cannot stress enough, the importance of this time of the year for applying organic nutrition to ALL OF YOUR LANDSCAPE PLANTS, EMPTY BEDS, AND LAWNS.
As you plant your tulips, daffodils, crocus, and other fall planted “Spring Flowering Bulbs” we suggest you add liberal amounts of organic compost as well as our organic fertilizer rich in bone meal for best results. Water in well and stand by for an explosion of color next spring. Now Is The Time …. in fact the only time to do this fun and exciting task. Our selection is full of new and exciting varieties as well as many Deer Resistant choices. Our Bearded Iris collection is the BEST ever! If you have children stop on by and we will give each of your children a FREE flower bulb along with simple planting instructions!!!
If you have not yet planted garlic, shallots, as well as special Winter onion sets……. as John Wayne said…… Daylight is a wasting…. Now is the time before the ground freezes up… Selection is great. We even have Elephant Garlic (a member of the leek family). FREE planting handouts to guarantee better results…
You might want to try some late sowings of spinach, lettuce, chard of herbs for “possible” early winter greens. We are still offering a few garden starts of these plants!!!
If you have a pond with fish don’t forget to start feeding your fish a wheat germ based food. High protein summer fish foods can cause serious problems with your valuable aquatic pets! Apply one of our many safe selections for the control of late season algae blooms.
last but not least if you are looking for a little color to fill those empty summer planters you will still find a GREAT selection of fragrant violas, spectacular selections of colorful and frost resistant flowering Cabbage and Kale. Dwarf ornamental grasses and durable plants of Dusty Miller. Mix and match as well as take advantage of some fantastic sales….. We have some “close out deals” on trees, shrubs, perennials, and hardy roses… Hurry in for best selection!!!
Happy Fall Gardening ……
Redmond Greenhouse
548-5418 Please visit my informational blog at for free info and specials
Listen to KBND 1110AM “Garden Talk” every Saturday 7-9 AM…
Local gardens… Local timely information with your host Doug Stott

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