Redmond Green House


Early Summer “To Do’s” for the garden and landscape

Keep a close watch on spinach, Swiss chard, and beet greens for leaf miner damage…… you will see a deteriation of the leaf and will need to take action………… Repeat sprays of Spinosad should do the trick
Sow more seed of romaine to keep the salads coming…….. try covering the seed with peat moss of washed river sand….. the results should amaze you………..
If you would like a steady stream of crunch lettuce throughout the summer season….. try hanging a piece of shade cloth over portion of your garden….. this should cool things down and allow you to be successful in growing summer lettuce, peas, and more…… seed on
Potato beetles are out and about so make sure to observe your foliage…. physically remove them or apply sprays of Spinosad….
Keep a close eye on your onions and other root crops for maggot damage…… an application of Cyanora should help with the problem….. the dust…. “Garden Pet and Livestock will also aid in the problem…. On a personnel side….. I worked Neem Seed Meal into my garden and have had no problem….. I’m happy!
Appy organic compost around the garden as it will help suppress weeds as well as help hold in moisture… Wheat straw is also a great idea.
If you are looking to boost the performance of veggies, herbs, and or flowers you just might mix up a bucket or two of liquid Earth Juice “Grow”…….This will add a BIG push to the performance of all your plants……
Pinch or prune away spent blooms from your perennial garden as time permits….. Its well worth your time, plus you just might get some re-blooms on these plants
Keep a close eye on trees and shrubs for early summer insect damage….. problems can occur VERY quickly and cause BIG damage……
For those of you that have ponds and water features make sure you keep a bale, pellets, or liquid barley in your schedule of chores………….. Barley is known throughout the pond community as a GREAT preventer of Algae. Algaeway 5.4 by Microbe Lift seems to be the best product for safe and effective control of the green stuff……….. plus it helps control the NASTY string algea….. dang
and if you are wondering what the black leafed plant with the gorgeous pink blooms is….. Its an ornamental elderberry………….. whooooooo wooooo….. Real GREAT plant and tough as a barn nail….
Meanwhile out in the perennial garden if you see a collapse of your prized delphinium you may have a boring insect………….. a systemic drench should do the trick
Fairy ring in your lawn?…. sorry….. try applying Consan to the affected area….. don’t forget the sticker..

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