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The Garden Calendar

High Desert Garden & Landscape
October Calendar
by Doug Stott (Redmond Greenhouse)

Apply dormant sprays to all fruit trees as the leaves fall from the branches. Cane berries and roses will also benefit from this organic “preventative” gardening practice. Temperatures should be at least forty degrees for proper spraying results!

I would recommend no further pruning of deciduous (leaf type) trees or shrubs, as this practice can stimulate new growth as well as leave the wound open for the remainder of fall and winter thus enabling insects and disease to penetrate the open wound. Spent flowers can be removed anytime.

As we secure our sprinkler systems for the upcoming freezing season I would recommend that you still hand water as needed, especially those new plantings (one to three year old plantings). Winter watering will eliminate dehydration a common problem faced by gardeners in the High Desert.

If you are one of the lucky gardeners with a greenhouse or coldframe, then there should be no reason why you can’t sow some seed of lettuce, spinach, or romaine for a crunchy autumn salad! Start seed indoors for quick results, then transplant outdoors into your coldframe.

Pruning of evergreen shrubs can be done as the Fall season progresses. Sometimes I recommend holding off until later, but if you have the urge to do so, go ahead. Garden clippings can make great holiday centerpieces.

Don’t put your lawn mower away to quickly this fall as a tall and leggy lawn will slide into massive disrepair causing you major problems in spring. With cooling temperatures and a little moisture it is a dandy time to apply an application of turf fertilizer. I would recommend our Cascade Natural (granular organic) as it is non leaching, non burning and will not encourage “Snow Mold” as high nitrogen chemical fertilizers will do.

Storing bulbs such as gladioli/dahlias will do best when stored in vermiculite or “DRY” peat moss. The high acidity will help deter bulb disease. Make sure bulbs are free of garden soil and leftover foliage. Store in a cool but frost free location to ensure proper bulb conditions.

If you have shrubbery underneath of your dwellings eves, you will want to consider tying up the branches thus eliminating the chance of snow damage sliding off the roof. Sisal garden twine works well for this task as it does not cut into the branches.

If you have not mulched in your prize roses yet …GOOD. It’s to early to do so as it has not got cold enough. Side dress with organic “Cold Climate”fertilizer and top with two to three inches of compost for best results. When the ground has frozen, then you may mulch your plants, up over the branches six inches to ensure good spring returns!

We have in stock special “green manure” cover crop seed perfect for empty garden beds. Sow the seed now and let it grow until spring, then till it under……. Ohhhhhh la la you will see the difference. Another GREAT fall practice for idle garden/landscape beds is to apply our organic Cold Climate fertilizer (25# per 500 sq.ft.), then 3” of organic compost and till it in. This is time well spent
Happy Gardening!!!

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